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Fuel the Fire of Helios

Helios is only able to illuminate early vocal music with your generous support

Individual Giving


The music never stops and your support can do the same. By setting up a monthly gift you create a foundation upon which Helios will grow and illuminate the world with beautiful music. The easiest and most affordable way is a monthly contribution of $15 or more.


Find some extra change in the couch cushions? Need a quick tax write-off at the end of the year? Helios is a great investment and will make every gift large and small count. Perhaps consider underwriting a concert, an entire season, or a recording project.


Your time and talent are valuable in this world and Helios appreciates everything you do. There are opportunities to volunteer as an usher (and get a free ticket!), to help prepare venues, and to get the word out about how Helios has affected your life. To become a volunteer, contact our volunteer coordinator.


Do you manage a printing company, or own a bakery, or have your own small business and want to help Helios? Donations of goods and/or services help offset our "bottom line" and enable us to pay the singers a more meaningful salary. Contact our Executive Director for more information.

Corporate Giving

Our audience continues to grow at a very healthy rate. Additionally, our exposure throughout the Southwest increases with each program we present. Now is the time to become a corporate sponsor and show your support for early music in the Valley of the Sun. Contact our Executive Director to discuss how your corporation can become involved. HELIOS is a  501(c)(3) organization.