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Helios 22-23 season poster details follow the image

22-23 Season 

Ready to join Helios for a new season?

We can't wait to share our upcoming concerts with you. 

Live Auction

Support Helios AND win great items in our annual silent auction. Travel, jewelry, sports, food; there's something for everyone!

Helios à7

Released in fall 2021, à7 is a full 14 track album including compositions by Praetorius, de Rore, Sheppard, Gabrieli, di Lasso, Massiano, Tallis and more.


"What beautiful voices and interpretation of the Renaissance masters of music! The singers skillfully transported us all back in time!  A lovely concert!"

— Gigi


"OK, hand-on-heart, I am blessed and totally in LOVE...with HELIOS!"

— Sandra

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